Amy Mellen, our favorite canna-activist gives us an update on her recent hospitalization and how they dealt with her medical cannabis which is suppose to be legal in her state! And what’s a show without Anthony’s Crazy Florida news! Tune into the Joe and Anthony show every Monday night at 7pm central / 8pm eastern at

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Anthony’s News

  1. Villager drank wine at community pool arrested after wild ride in golf cart
    (Bassa Island Game Loop – Extended Mix)

  2. Serial mailbox destroyer wreaks havoc on neighborhood
    (Run Amok)

  3. Woman throws log over nude photos, blacks out during fit of rage
    (Suave Standpipe)

It’s time for Twofer Monday!

#Takashi Murakami Japanese Artist – collaborater is at the Museum of Contemporary Art off Michigan Avenue in Chicago


#Facebook is all Harry Potter today, type it in any status window, comment field and you get a wand that poofs out a graphic of a wand and fireworks/stars to be displayed. You can also type in any one of the different “houses” and those become highlighted – all to celebrate the birthday of the first Harry Potter Novel to be released for consumption. Consume, consume more! BE HAPPY!!



    1. Elon Musk wants to whisk me around!

    2. #KeepTrackOfYourDog (no, seriously)

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    5. Pride is now apparently for the white privileged gays