Joe talks about his crab experiences, black widow spiders in Wisconsin, crime in Chicago, and a fat cat! Anthony bring us the finest in crazy and naked Florida news! Visit for Chiampa Radio’s schedule and more.

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    • Tune in next Monday for Amy Mellon – we’ll discuss her recent hospital experience and how they treated her MMJ usage.
    • When Spiders Attack the studio!


  • Amazon buys Whole “Paycheck” Foods for $13.7B CASH
  • Bad news for Fight for $15




  • I saw someone driving and brushing their teeth today [Joe Says EWW]
  • Looking for MMJ Card Holders in FL to interview


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Anthony’s Crazy and Naked Florida News

  1. Jacksonville man charged with stealing a Camden County Sheriff’s deputy’s patrol car after DUI check
    (Bassa Island Game Loop – Extended Mix)
  2. PCSO: Man hides 15 qts. of oil, DVDs in pants during theft
    (Club Driver)
  3. Naked teen on 30A asked if deputies were God (Suave Standpipe)