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    • So hey it’s Streetfest and grant park fare galore here in Chicago. JOE AND ANTHONY BANTER BACK AND FORTH Joe banter predetermine use loosely as time permits. I use to be an avid participant of a lot of street fests, but lately with all of the attacks around the world I have become a bit paranoic. But get this Anthony.Private Security firm hiring suspicious characters to provide “security” in boystown and wrigleyville.

    • Mention about how Betty is all worried about Middle of the Year hijinks. 2017 has come so fastly!

    • Lighthouse dressing advertisement makes me laugh but don’t watch it while you’re eating crunchy bacon!


  • Looking for MMJ Card Holders in FL to interview


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Anthony’s Crazy Florida and Naked News

  1. Brevard County man called 911 for ride to Hooters
    (Bassa Island Game Loop – Extended Mix)

  2. Sebastian Man Arrested For Abusing 911 Service
    (Run Amok)

  3. Patient escapes ambulance and stands naked 30 feet above Palmetto Expressway
    (Suave Standpipe)