Long Title Here: Some gave All, for Shiny iPhones, Cheap Bananas, & oh yeah, Oil

Joe and Anthony have a moment of silence in memory of the many days past and present and then the laughs roll in. What’s with bees lately? Our Bee Expert Ezel chimed in with his own brand of wisdom. With all the needs for bees to pollinate things, this seems like just one more thing we commoddify.. sad.

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Show Notes


    • Happy Memorial Day
      All gave some, some gave all – unfortunately all are just pawns in our war hungry corporate controlled government.

    • SIDE NOTE TO ABOVE: Memorial Day sales not enough to draw shoppers to Tampa Bay malls

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Joe’s News Stories


  1. 120,000 bees form 6-foot hive in Georgia woman’s ceiling

  2. Nearly $1 Million in Stolen Bees Recovered in Fresno


Anthony’s Crazy Florida News

  1. Drunk driver damages ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ patrol car in Crystal River

  2. Miami ‘Joker’ lookalike busted for pointing loaded gun at drivers

  3. Naked man arrested after destroying mailboxes with machete