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The Joe and Anthony Show, Episode 86 – Hashtag Hashbrowns

Our originally schedule guest had a schedule conflict, but your two loveable stoner idiots, Joe and Anthony, transitioned with grace into other hot topics of the week! Want to be a guest on the show? Give us a call 813-327-8566 and tell us about yourself! Visit for our schedule and more!

Link to listen to the show

Show Notes

  1. It’s time for Twofer Monday! #IPSEM AND #LOREM 
  3. The Rays want a new stadium? Pay for it your damned selves!
  4. Continuing thoughts about Millennials.
  5. Does your ass smell like roses? Maybe Roseassitol can help…May cause vaginal discharge; if you don’t have a vagina, you may grow one. Keep out of the reach of all humans, plant life, and corpses. Has been known to reanimate corpses.
  6. Yay, Nuclear War! And the importance of who is the President!
  7. Allergies again?!
  8. Bitchin’ about Tippin’

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