Joe and Anthony ring in spring with plenty of weather related news and we get a caller! Thanks Penny Wise!

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Show Notes

Joe’s TP’s

  • Gilbert Baker, “designer” of LGBT Rainbow Flag dies at 65 (last week)
  • Young People can sell and serve booze in Chicago – this is suppose to help boost youth employment.
  • Micro-Dosing, what is it, and how can you use it to still enjoy the benefits, but not the anxiety and wiggouts?! Sometimes, Less is More

Anthony’s TP’s

  • San Bernardino Shooting
  • Joe’s Visit
  • When dryer sheets attack!

Joe’s News

Anthony’s News

  1. 7-11 clerk refuses dirty pennies, Florida woman pulls out guns

  2. Intoxicated teacher accused of letting child drive her to Waffle House

  3. Woman runs from flasher in South Tampa