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What is Chiampa Radio?

Pronounced, (Shy-amp-uh) Chiampa Radio gets it’s name for the home(s) of the station operators which are Chicago and Tampa. The primary goal of the station is to entertain and take you away from main stream media and its constant barrage of junk. 

Chiampa  Radio casts fun and informative community radio programs or other podcasts from around the globe, 24 hours a day on the Internet using the shoutcast streaming technology, utilizing a 128kbps or a 64kbps stereo stream and is provided by the Listen2MyRadio service.

Chiampa Radio is also home to The Joe & Anthony Show which is broadcast live on Chiampa Internet Radio Monday nights at 8 pm eastern and 7 pm central!

It’s your two loveable stoners enjoying cannabis and relegating the latest in Anthony’s Florida Crazy News and Joe’s World Wide Headlines. Yeah, our goal, to reach 420 episodes!Call us at 813-327-8566 and be a part of the Joe and Anthony show experience and if you’re a band or podcaster looking for even more exposure, click on the playus link above!

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